Weekly Facts 2003-2004

October 29, 2003 Weekly Facts




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Joint Information 

James and the Giant Peach Presentation

Lex-Ham Community Theater is presenting this theater experience. It is being directed by Virginia Anderson who works in the Grants Office.

James, a curious young orphan forced to live with his two cruel aunts, is taken on a fantastic journey when he discovers a magic peach. The play, based on a beautifully-written story by Roald Dahl, unfolds in a series of mishaps and adventures involving James, the peach, and a cast of wacky bugs.

Performances will be
7:30 p.m., Nov 7, 14, 21, 22
2:30 p.m., Nov 8, 15, 23
10:00 a.m., November 13, 2003
St. Paul Central High School
275 N Lexington Pkwy, St. Paul


Grant Opportunities

Gates Millennium Scholarships
Perhaps students that you know would be good candidates for this.  It's a great opportunity for any who might meet the criteria.  Nominations are accepted for students we will be college freshmen next school year (2004-2005).  I hope you will pass it on to teachers who might have students they would like to nominate.  The nomination information, criteria and procedure are found at:


A FAFSA, legal immigrant status and a very healthy GPA are required.

Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund

MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund) has put together a list of scholarships for which a social security number is not necessary.  It can be found at: http://www.maldef.org/pdf/Scholarships_072003.pdf 

 You may also wish to share the above information with high school counselors who may be working with students eligible for one of the above. 

 Mary P. Diaz
Director, Minnesota Field Office
Comprehensive Center - Region VI
Hamline University
1536 Hewitt Avenue  MS C1924
St. Paul, MN  55104
Tel: (651) 523-2239
Fax: (651) 523-3047

NEW Section on Website:

In order to assist you with the administration of the TEAE and MN-SOLOM, we have added a section with information on these assessments. We have added all the documentation we have received on these items. Also, there is a feedback form that allows you to voice your comments and feedback on these assessments. The MDE has asked for teacher imput on how to better this process in the future. If you have have any comments, please feel free to post them there. Again, thanks for your help in this process. We know it is a heavy burden. For more information, you can go directly to the TEAE/MN-SOLOM section.

Are We Meeting the Cultural Needs of Hmong Students?

Participants will have the opportunity to learn skills and strategies to work with Hmong students, examine the learning styles and behaviors of Hmong students in classroom settings, and learn the values and gender expectations of Hmong parents. For more information and registration forms, you can go directly to the Are We Meeting the Cultural Needs of Hmong Students? page.

Available Texts

The following texts are available for anyone who could use them. Spanish titles are texts written in Spanish. Please contact Mary McGill 767-8159 if interested.
  • Vecindarios y Comunidades- Soc. Stud. Silver, Burdett and Ginn - grade 2 text
  • Comunidades y Recursos - Soc. Stud. Silver, Burdett and Ginn -grade 3 text
  • Soc. Stud. Silver, Burdett and Ginn -Comunidades de Nuestro Pais - grade 3 text
  • Soc. Stud. Silver, Burdett and Ginn -Familias y sus Necesidades -grade 2 wkbk
  • Soc. Stud. Silver, Burdett and Ginn Comunidades y sus Necesidades (88) grade 2 wkbk
  • Writing Hampton-Brown- Via Libre - grade 4 text
  • Reading -The Economy Company - Hasta Luego - level 5
  • Reading Minerva Books - La Pata Pita - grade 1 text
  • Reading Macmillan/McGraw-Hill -Sal, Solecito - level 3 teacher's guide
  • Reading Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Luna, Lunera -level 5 teacher's guide
  • Reading Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Puerta del Sol - level 7 teacher's guide
  • Reading Macmillan/Mcgraw-Hill -Buen Viaje-teacher's guide
  • Reading Macmillan/Mcgraw-Hill -Naranja Dulce -teacher's guide
  • Reading Houghton Mifflin - Skylights - practice book
  • ESL Scott Foresman -English Around the World - level 2 skills
  • ESL Scott Foresman - English Around the World -level 3 skills
  • ESL Scott Foresman -English Around the World - level 2 activities
  • ESL Scott Foresman - English Around the World - level 3 activities
  • ESL Scott Foresman - English Around the World - teacher's guide
  • Foundations activity guide -preschool
  • Strong Women- a bibliography of literature for high school

Bilingual Tutors Wanted

The Title I Migrant Education Program is seeking bilingual (Spanish) ELL teachers or EAs for the secondary afterschool tutoring program in Harding and Arlington schools. The program is 2-4 hours a week of BST preparation after school. Days and times are flexible. Salary for teachers is $19.48/hour; for EAs, the same hourly rate you receive during the school day. If interested, please call or email Mary McGill at 767-8159, mary.mcgill@spps.org.

Embedding Hmong Culture into the Social Studies Curriculum

Teachers will:
  1. Learn about the richness of the Hmong culture.
  2. Examine Hmong culture sample lesson plans as it relates to the Saint Paul Public Schools Social Studies Standards.
  3. Receive a grade level Hmong Culture Kit containing a Teacher's Handbook, teacher resource books about the Hmong, children's literature, Hmong dolls, children's games, and traditional Hmong music.
  4. Make and take samples to include in the culture kit.

For more information, you can go directly to the Embedding Hmong Culture page. Please help advertise these sessions by posting this flyer as this is a professional development opportunity for K-3 mainstream classroom teachers.

Letters About Literature

The Center for the Book in the Library of Congress invites readers in grades 4 through 12 to enter Letters About Literature, a national reading-writing contest. To enter, readers write a personal letter to an author, living or dead, from any genre-- fiction or nonfiction, contemporary or classic. explaining how that author's work changed the student's way of thinking about the world or themselves. The deadline is December 6, 2003.

There are three competition levels: Level I for children in grades 4 through 6; Level II for grades 7 and 8, and Level III, grades 9 - 12. Winners receive cash awards at the national and state levels.

Participation guidelines and other information are available at: http://www.loc.gov/loc/cfbook/letters.html

Vocabulary Building Strategies for English Language Learners (October 30)

Help your ELL students build their speaking vocabulary and understanding of related content skills. For more information and registration forms, you can go directly to the Vocabulary Building Strategies for ELLs page.

A Trip to the Past! Looking at Today's Somali Life (Session 1: November 10)

These sessions will help district staff have deeper perspectives into the history, culture, and civil war experiences of Somali immigrants in Minnesota. A comparative overview of the past and present Somali life will be provided. Sessions will also cover what attracted the Somalis to Minnesota and how they have adapted to their new setting. Video clips and slide presentations will be presented depicting various aspects of Somali life. For more information and registration forms, you can go directly to the A Trip to the Past! Looking at Today's Somali Life page.

Classroom Management for Diverse Populations (Part 1: November 11)

Participants will learn how relationship-building techniques such as morning meetings, goal setting and model/practice support English language learning. We will discuss student choice and classroom rules as "can do's." Teacher language and clear expectations will be a focus. For more information and registration forms, you can go directly to the Classroom Management for Diverse Populations page.

Elementary Information


LCD Pre-LAS Reminder

If you have not sent the LCD Pre-LAS report, please send it to the attention of Maria Alicia Arabbo as soon as possible. The dateline was October 24, 2003. Gracias.

Power of Language--MATH (November 12)

Comprehension of word problems in mathematics is more than simply a function of reading skills. Participants will learn what makes story problems difficult for English Language Learners and how to minimize these difficulties in order to make math content accessible. Participants will also be able to adapt the Everyday Mathematics curriculum to better serve the needs of English language learners. This workshop is for K-6 classroom teachers. Please post and share with your staff. For more information and registration forms, you can go directly to the page. For more information and registration forms, you can go directly to the Power of Language--Math page.

Study Groups for Elementary ELL Teachers

ELL Elementary Circles are back with a new name: Study Groups for Elementary ELL Teachers.

Participants will be provided with an opportunity to come together to read, share, and discuss professional articles and their implication for teaching in a large urban public school district. Participants will be required to read assigned articles on educational issues prior to the meetings. The dates of the Study Groups are:

  • November 12, 2003
  • January 14, 2004
  • February 19, 2004
  • March 17, 2004
  • April 15, 2004

Participants should plan to attend all sessions and will receive a stipend.

Please register with Mai Vang


Secondary Information

ELL Secondary Study Groups

November 5 from 3:00-5:00 at Humboldt JUNIOR High School

We will meet for the 2nd session of the 2003-2004 ELL Secondary Study Groups at Humboldt Junior High in Deb Armstrong's room. If you attended the last session, please come with your book and BST Writing Rubric. If you didn't make it last time and you want to join us this time, you are more than welcome. Please let Anne Lowe know via email or voicemail of your intent to attend.

To get to Humboldt Junior High School, take the Wabasha or High Bridge to George St. (left on George coming off the High Bridge, right on George if coming from the Wabasha Bridge).  Go south on Humboldt Ave. and follow the road up the hill to the Humboldt complex.  Humboldt Junior is the building on the right side.  Go in the door and follow the signs.  If you're confused by these directions, go to mapquest.com and type in directions to 640 Humboldt Ave. with a zip of 55107.

See you there!



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