HOUSSE Application

What is HOUSSE?

The Highly Objective Uniform State Standard Evaluation (HOUSSE) Process is required under No Child Left Behind (NCLB) for all current teachers by the end of June 2006.

HOUSSE Certification is NOT a license issue.  It is a federal requirement to ensure that all teachers meet a minimum standard.  Minnesota licensure is still required for teaching in Minnesota and the HOUSSE process will not change that requirement. 

Unlike state licensure, once you have demonstrated the minimum HOUSSE qualifications (100 points in a particular content area), you do not have to repeat or renew the HOUSSE Qualification.  It is a permanent qualification once met. 

How is the HOUSSE process different than Minnesota licensure?

The HOUSSE process is the high objective uniform state standard of evaluation system authorized by the No Child Left Behind Act and the State of Minnesota.   The HOUSSE process cannot be used by a teacher who does not already hold a professional or continuing Minnesota license in another teaching field.   The HOUSSE process allows a currently employed and licensed Minnesota teacher to demonstrate knowledge in a core academic subject in which he or she is teaching, but is not fully licensed in that academic subject, or may be teaching on a Board of Teaching variance or waiver. 
The Reading and English Language Arts Content Areas

The ELL Department in SPPS would like to demonstrate that all ELL Teachers in the district are highly qualified in the areas of READING and English/Language Arts for grades K-12 (There are other content areas that you may complete, but our goal is the two listed above).  We are working on the K-12 certification to match your K-12 ELL license. 

Most secondary ELL teachers should have already completed their applications by this time (January 2006).  The remaining elementary ELL teachers will begin the process shortly. 
The Application
To gain HOUSSE Qualification, you need to demonstrate 100 points in several areas (Areas A-G). 

The ELL Department is completing as much of the application for elementary teachers as possible using district information on:
  • Area C:  years of teaching experience (5 years maximum at 10 points per year)
  • Area G:  professional development (using professional development and license renewal information).
Most teachers with 5 years of experience will reach the required 100 points with minimal information required from you. 

In the event that you cannot accumulate the required 100 points in Areas C and G, there are other areas in which you can gain points, but we will need to gather that information from you to complete them.   The other areas are:
  • Area A:  Student Achievement,
  • Area B:  Awards and Recognitions (5 points for local awards, 10 for state awards and 15 for national awards),
  • Area D:  Praxis II Content Test,
  • Area E:  Advanced Certification, and
  • Area F:  Course Work
These areas are covered below.  Each area has a maximum point value of 50 points.

Area A:  Student Achievement
Documentation is required demonstrating at least 1 year of academic growth in the subject. Evidence must be objective, valid, and reliable; i.e. norm-referenced or user-normed test results given annually in the district.  Examples would include the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS), Stanford Achievement Test (SAT 10), MN Comprehensive Assessment, Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), etc.
Area B:  Awards and Recognitions
Provide evidence of local, state or national activities/awards indicating professional contribution to achievement in the subject. These must have been earned while teaching in the subject content and within the last 10 years.
Area D:  Praxis II Content Test
The following Praxis tests are the appropriate tests for the content areas on which we are focusing:
  1. English or Language Arts, Praxis test # 10041, English Language, Literature & Composition: Content Knowledge
  2. Reading, Praxis test # 20300, Reading Specialist.
Area E:  Advanced Certification
Advanced certifications from  the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS): National Board Certification.
Area F:  Course Work
Course Work (Area F) is another area where you can gain up to 50 points (5 points per semester credit hour and 3 points per quarter credit hour). 
Although we have copies of your transcripts on file in Human Resources, they are not electronically accessible, and we would need your permission to access those files. 

To that end, if you need to demonstrate points in area F, you will need to complete the course work information and submit it to us with an unofficial (do not go to the trouble of requesting official copies for this process) copy of your transcript(s) utilized for the points. 

If you would like to help us facilitate the process before we begin our training sessions, you may enter course work information in the section at teh end of this page entitled "Entering Course Work Information"  and we will add it to your application to have it ready when you come for a scheduled help session.  You will need to bring the transcript at that point. 

Course Work can be carried over into the professional development area for up to an additional 50 points if necessary. 
Area G:
Include professional development activities in the subject. and in accordance with "high quality” activities as defined in Appendix D.
Where am I at in the Process?
Most of our ELL teachers have been able to gain the required 100 cumulative points using years of teaching experience, course work and professional development.  You should have received an email letting you know where you were in terms of the point accumulation we were able to achieve using district information. 

What if I have the required 100 points? 

In the event that you have reached 100 points already in the areas of Reading and English Language Arts, we will send out the applications for you to proof, sign and return to us so that we can complete the application process. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact greg.anderson@spps.org

Entering Course Work Information
Your course work information can be entered below if you wish to complete this information online.  Please note that you will need your employee number as this is the way that the information will be matched with the information already in the database.  This helps us to avoid matching data where your name may not be entered in the same way in both files (e.g. Greg vs. Gregory). 

For these two content areas, we are looking for courses that have to do with Reading or English Language Arts.  Some courses may count for one content area and not the other.  For this reason, you need to indicate which content area you feel it meets.  We will contact you if there is a problem. 

Although this website does not calculate the actual point value you gain from each class, points are given per credit hour - 5 per semester (a 3 semester hour class is worth 15 point) and 3 per quarter credit (a 3 quarter hour class is worth 9 points).  Unlike your college GPA calculation, a passing grade is required, but it does not affect the point value. 

There is a limit of 50 poiunts in each area - so 10 semester or around 17 quarter credits should be the maximum you enter for each content area (remember, we are trying for two content areas:  English/Language Arts and Reading). 
Enter your course work information below

Emp Number (must be 6 numbers) 
Date of Course (Year only) 
Course Number and Title 
Content Area (Check ONLY one)
Social Studies 

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