But, there's no "I" in collaborate...

As the old saying goes, there's no letter "I" in the word "Team." There isn't one in Collaborate either.  But, in order to collaborate,one has to have a sense of "I" or "me" or even "my" or "mine" in theprocess. 

Since ELL heavily relies on having teamscollaborate, we need to understand, reflect upon, and support theprocess of the individual in the process  - it's only in the action ofinvolving individuals that we arrive at collaboratIon - the process where working together starts to function.

So,today, we will begin the process of reflecting on two elements that areessential to working towards collaboration - both amongst ourselves,and in our work with others in our district, schools, and communities. 

Those two elements are Listening and Trust.

In that discussion, we hope to start a process where we all learn howeach of us can improve our "group IQ - the sum total or even theproduct of all the talents of each person in the group.  When weimprove that we each learn how personally we work with each other orhow "iCollaborate."


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