Language Academy

Language Academy

Language Academies are designed for newcomer students in grades1-6 with language proficiencies ranging from no English to having some high frequency words and chunks to being able to communicate some basic needs. Each Language Academy classroom is comprised of both English language learners and native English speakers. MLL students work on the same academic material as their classmates, with adaptations and scaffolding support from MLL and mainstream teachers as well as bilingual educational assistants.  MLL and mainstream teachers integrate language development across all subject areas.

For the 2008-2009 school year, approximately 428 students wereenrolled in Language Academies at elementary sites.

 Features of Language Academies

MLL students in Language Academies are integrated into the school and larger communities giving them daily interaction with their native-English-speaking peers to builds language skills and promotes acceptance and diversity among all students. Language Academies are taught collaboratively by mainstream teachers and MLL teachers, who provide differentiated instruction and build background knowledge in order to foster academic success and language skills at each grade level. This intensive collaborative program helps students rapidly develop the English language skills that will prepare them to succeed academically.

Students may attend a Language Academy for up to two years. Upon exiting the program, students continue to receive academic and language support from MLL staff as needed.

There are nine Language Academy sites in 2009-10:

•      Como                     

•      Frost Lake     

•      Hancock               

•      Highwood Hills

•      Linwood/Monroe      

•      Mississippi

•      Obama      

•      Phalen Lake


•      Vento


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