Weekly Facts 2003-2004

November 26, 2003 Weekly Facts

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November 26, 2003



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Joint Information 

Events on the ELL Calendar for this Week

The events listed below are detailed in the ELL calendar

Dec 1, 2003 6:00 PM

ELL Hmong Parent Advisory Committee

Dec 3, 2003 3:00 PM

ELL Secondary Study Groups

Dec 6, 2003

ELL Writer's Workshop Level 1 for ELL Teachers (K-6)

Hmong New Year Celebration

The Hmong New Year Celebration will be held this weekend at the River Centre. We hope to see you there!

New Hmong Enrichment Options

The ELL programs will shortly be launching 3 new Hmong Enrichment Options in the Saint Paul Public Schools.

Saint Paul Public Schools is proud to launch three enrichment programs designed for the District's diverse student population to gain a better understanding and appreciation of cultures throughout the world. The "Hmong Culture Option" ("Embedding Hmong Culture into the K-3 Social Studies Curriculum), the "Hmong Literacy," and the "Culture, Language, Art, 'n' Dance" (CLAnD)", will teach Hmong students about their culture and language, while increasing the student body's respect for cultural similarities and differences.

Seeking Migrant Bilingual Teacher

The Title I Migrant Education Program is seeking a bilingual (Spanish) ELL teacher or EA for the secondary afterschool tutoring program in Arlington Senior High. The program is 2-4 hours a week of BST preparation after school. Days and times are flexible but you must be available at 2:00. Salary for teachers is $19.48/hour; for EAs, the same hourly rate you receive during the school day. If interested, please call or email Mary McGill at 767-8159, mary.mcgill@spps.org

Understanding Immigration Law

Session: February 26, 2004

A professional development opportunity presented by the Immigration Law Center of Minnesota in collaboration with the ELL department. For more information and registration forms, you can go directly to the Understanding Immigration Law page. This professional development opportunity is for ALL STAFF. Please post and share the flyer with your staff.

Scaffolding Strategies to Work With English Language Learners

Sessions: January 29 (Part 1) and February 19 (Part 2) March 8 (Part 1) and April 14 (Part 2)

Develop strategies and practices to support English language learners in content area classes at the secondary level. For more information and registration forms, you can go directly to the Scaffolding Strategies to Work With English Language Learners page. This professional development opportunity is for teachers grades 6-12. Please post and share the flyer with your staff.

Elementary Information

Changes in ELL Campus for the Elementary Level

Please remember that we asked you not to use the ELL Campus checklists until we are able to update them. We had expected that they would be updated much earlier. However, the MIS department has been overwhelmed by the "Parent Portal" program. We have discussed the issue with the MIS department and they should have the new checklists ready by Monday. The new checklists will reflect the new state English Language Proficiency Standards. The new checklist will be usable by all staff K-6. The students' grade levels will automatically be entered.

The new checklist will look like the following for each of the areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing (all four areas have two standards - a social and an academic - which each have the same four sections to them as shown below):






1.1 Purpose, Audience & Genre

Communicative Functions

Language Features

Word Knowledge and Use

2.1 Purpose, Audience & Genre

Communicative Functions

Language Features

Word Knowledge and Use


  • B = Beginning
  • I = Intermediate
  • A = Advanced
  • T = Transitional

We have determined that this is the easiest way for you to report the information on-line. If we were to include all of the descriptions of the standards in our checklist, it would be at least 4 or 5 pages for each student. When the form is ready online, we will include a pdf file for you to use while completing the checklist with all of the descriptions. We understand that this a large change and we know that it is late. However, we do have to show that we are in compliance with the state requirements and we have been waiting for the MIS department to effect this change for us.

2003-04 Elementary ELL Service Guidelines -- Important Report Card Information Included!!!

In an effort to help everyone understand the pieces of ELL service for elementary students, we've put together a few guidelines and a graphic. This is not looking at funding but at students who are eligible for ELL service. We can categorize them into two groups: students who receive "ELL Support Services" and those who receive "Direct Service".

The attached 2003-04 Elementary ELL Service Guidelines graphic illustrates the ELL service options and spells out service requirements.


These are the important points to keep in mind when determining placement and service levels for individual ELL students.

Begin by looking at the list of all students with HLQs other than English

Use ELL Service Eligibility Chart 2003-04 to determine if student is eligible for ELL Service

Enter all eligible students on ELL Campus (the deadline was in October - but please enter names you have may not yet have entered).

As a school team, look at the students you have on ELL Campus and determine which need direct service according to language needs and which only need ELL support services

To help distinguish which students are receiving direct service from those students who are receiving ELL support services only, we will be creating a button in the ELL Campus system (see item above) that you can click to indicate level of service. We will notify you when this button is ready. For now, just make sure that you know which students are in each category.

For students who receive ELL support services only, you are responsible for providing the following:

Bilingual EA services
  • Lowered class size and/or flexible groupings when appropriate
  • Review of mainstream academic progress
  • Translation/Interpreting services
  • Notification of ELL Services form
  • MN SOLOM assessment (K -12)
  • TEAE assessment (3 -12)
  • Testing accommodations

    For students who receive direct service, you are responsible for providing all of the above and the following:

    • Direct service by the ELL teacher, determined by language needs
    • EA academic tutoring support when appropriate
    • ELL Standards Checklist (3x year; keep in cum folder)
    • Summary Report (3x year; done in collaboration with mainstream teachers)

 If you have questions about any of this information, please contact your ELL TOSA.

Secondary Information

2003-04 Secondary ELL Service Guidelines

The secondary service guidelines have been included here for information purposes only. The secondary students do not require the same reporting of status as the elementary students. This information can be obtained from the students' enrollment records.

Please contact your TOSA if you have questions.



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