Weekly Facts 2003-2004

October 15, 2003 Weekly Facts

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Family TIES Meetings

There will be several Family TIES community events in the coming weeks. They are listed on the ELL Calendar and more information can be obtained by clicking on the link for each event

We would appreciate your help in advertising these events. Bilingual EA help would also be appreciated in contacting families to inform them of the events. If you have any questions, please contact Abdisalam Adam, Sylvia Pérez, Bee Lee or Mai Vang. Alternatively, you may contact Arty Dorman in the Family and Community Involvement Office at 293-5960.

Vocabulary Building Strategies for English Language Learners.

Help your ELL students build their speaking vocabulary
and understanding of related content skills. For more information
and registration forms, you can go directly to the Vocabulary
Building Strategies for ELLs

A Trip to the Past! Looking at Today’s Somali Life

These sessions will help district staff have deeper perspectives into the history, culture, and civil war experiences of Somali immigrants in Minnesota. A comparative overview of the past and present Somali life will be provided. Sessions will also cover what attracted the Somalis to Minnesota and how they have adapted to their new setting. Video clips and slide presentations will be presented depicting various aspects of Somali life. For more information and registration forms, you can go directly to the A Trip to the Past! Looking at Today’s Somali Life page.

Classroom Management for Diverse Populations

Participants will learn how relationship-building techniques such as morning meetings, goal setting and model/practice support English language learning. We will discuss student choice and classroom rules as “can do’s.” Teacher language and clear expectations will be a focus. For more information and registration forms, you can go directly to the Classroom Management for Diverse Populations page.

Teaming with Bilingual Educational Assistants

Participants will analyze and evaluate best models for working more collaboratively with paraprofessionals in the classroom to better serve all students. For more information and registration forms, you can go directly to the Teaming with Bilingual Educational Assistants page.


Power of Language--MATH

Comprehension of word problems in mathematics is more than simply a function of reading skills. Participants will learn what makes story problems difficult for English Language Learners and how to minimize these difficulties in order to make math content accessible. Participants will also be able to adapt the Everyday Mathematics curriculum to better serve the needs of English language learners. This workshop is for K-6 classroom teachers. Please post and share with your staff. For more information and registration forms, you can go directly to the page.

Power of Language--Math

Writer's Workshop

The ELL Department is pleased to announce that, in addition to all ELL teachers, we are opening these sessions to ALL teachers K-6 that are part of the Project for Academic Excellence. We encourage staff to join in teams.

We have extended the writer's workshop registration to Oct. 17 for the K-6 sessions to give you an opportunity to register if you haven't and are still thinking about it. This is the same training offered by the Center for Academic Excellence to teachers.

We are able to offer 3 inservice credits or 2 Hamline semester graduate credits at $95 per credit for this training if you would prefer credits instead of the stipend. The stipend is $16.40 per hour.

Writer's Workshop Registration

Study Groups for Elementary ELL Teachers

ELL Elementary Circles are back with a new name: Study Groups for Elementary ELL Teachers.

Participants will be provided with an opportunity to come together to read, share, and discuss professional articles and their implication for teaching in a large urban public school district. Participants will be required to read assigned articles on educational issues prior to the meetings. The dates of the Study Groups are:

  • November 12, 2003
  • January 14, 2004
  • February 19, 2004
  • March 17, 2004
  • April 15, 2004

Participants should plan to attend all sessions and will
receive a stipend.

Please register with Mai Vang

Secondary Information

Your principal has received a letter from Maria Lamb and Valeria Silva in the Superintendents Bulletin regarding the upcoming TEAE and MN-SOLOM assessments. It explains the importance of getting all of our students tested and assessed between October 20 and 31. This letter includes a list of teacher training dates, which are as follows (only the remaining dates are shown):
  • October 8 3- 4:30 PM auditorium B
  • October 9 3 -4:30 PM auditorium B
  • October 14 7:30 - 9AM rooms J and K
  • October 15 3 -4:30 PM rooms D and E

Got Books?

Do you have any of the following books sitting on a shelf gathering dust? The following books are needed ASAP for ELL classes. Please call or e-mail the teacher listed below to lend or give up books that you are not using. You may also submit requests for books that you need for your classes (contact your TOSA). Thank you!

The books that are needed include:

Quantity requested

Needed by


Phone Number

First Steps in Academic Writing


Claudia Reeve



Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind


Claudia Reeve



Oxford Picture Dictionary


Mohamed Hadi



Choice Readings


Scott Hall

Johnson Sr.


Passing the MN Basic Standards Test in Math


Scott Hall

Johnson Sr.


Assessment Handbook for Highpoints Basics Books


Darlene Kunze



Maps, Globes and Graphs level D


Leona Haupt

Battle Creek Middle


Maps, Globes and Graphs level E


Leona Haupt

Battle Creek Middle


Need Books?

The Johnson High ELL Department has a number of books that might be of use in your classroom. If you are interested, please contact Scott Hall to make plans to pick up the books. The approximate titles and quantities available are:
  • Physical Science (for Inquiry Science classes) - 30
  • Focus on Science, Books A, B, C, and D - 25 of each
  • Earth Science- Oceans and Atoms - 25
  • Chemistry Series with 3 sets (Atoms, Mixtures, and Reactions) - 25 of each
  • Composition Practice 1 and 2 - 20 of each
  • Making Connections - 60+
  • Labach 1, 2, 3, 4 - 25 of each
  • First Words - 20
  • Starting to Read - 20
  • Rainbow Readers - 20 of each (Darlene Kunze at Harding also has extra copies of these if you need some)
  • My World (Readers) - 20

Contact Michael Bowlus at 767-8309 or by e-mail if you are interested in the following books that are also available:

  • Voices in Literature Gold
  • America: The Early Years
  • America: After Independence


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