Weekly Facts 2003-2004

September 10, 2003 Weekly Facts

Joint Information

Clarification - from MN Dept. of Education.


The following information was received this week from MDE. We are passing on the parts that are applicable to ELL Staff in the buildings.


FUNDING - The most frequently asked question we had during opening week was: Do we have to stop serving ELL after 5 years? Answer: NO. State LEP funding status is not to be used in determining service of ELL. Districts may not deny services to a student on the basis of state funding status.

Service is to be determined through the program definition. This question and more are answered in more depth in the updated Funding Guidelines which you will find at http://education.state.mn.us/stellent/groups/public/documents/translatedcontent/pub_intro_ed_info.jsp (Please check back if the link is not available. We are experiencing some technical difficulties).

HLQ - Please be reminded that you should have a Home Language Questionnaire (HLQ) on file for each child in the district (not just ELL). HLQs are available in many languages at the link above.

PARENT NOTIFICATION - Parents must be notified of service for ELL. State Parent Notification forms can be found at the link above. Parent Notification for Title III schools can be found at: http://education.state.mn.us/stellent/groups/public/documents/translatedcont ent/pub_intro_nclb_admin_resource.jsp



The ELL website (http://www.spps.org/spell) now has 3 link options on the home page. The first will take you to the new ELL website. The actual address is http://ell.spps.org. However, we have committed to our promise of not changing the original address on you. You will always be able to connect to ELL information from the original http://www.spps.org/spell address.

The second link on that page will take you to the Translation Services website. This is currently in the process of being moved from its development site to its permanent site - so the link now asks for a password. Once the technology department has moved the site, that request will go away an you will be able to access the site without that information.

The third link is to the ELL Campus Page - since this is becoming a more important application for us, we have decided to put that link right up front for you. (send an email to greg.anderson@spps.org if you still need access).


Website Calendar


The dates on the ELL calendar have been approved and entered. Here's a direct link to the calendar: http://ell.spps.org/index.asp?SEC={343E0602-452C-42AB-9800-5747A1BF9AF2}&Type=B_EV

Come and Spend the Summer with us in Argentina and Perú!

Or how about South Africa, Morocco or Thailand & Vietnam? 

The Fulbright-Hays Seminars Abroad Program provides opportunities for educators and administrators with responsibilities for curriculum development in fields related to humanities, languages, and geographic area studies.  All seminars are in non-Western European regions and are designed to provide a broad and introductory cultural orientation to a particular country.  Four to six week seminars take place every summer in late June to mid-August in countries around the world.  Interested individuals should apply electronically and additional program information may be found at our program website (to be updated next week).  For questions and further information, please contact the program officers listed below: 

Program Flyer:

Program Website:     http://www.ed.gov/HEP/iegps/sap.html


Special Education Interpreters


Here is some clarification regarding the use of interpreters for Special Education. We must use Special Ed Interpreters for all activities surrounding initial and re-evaluations of ELL students with no exceptions. For annual IEP's and other fairly straightforward communications, we should try to use the Special Ed interpreter first but if, for some reason (conferences, illness of Special Ed Interpreter, etc), a Special Ed Interpreter is not available, they can use their building interpreter.


Elementary Information


Fall ELL/Mainstream Collaboration Trainings


Registration is now open for our newest series of ELL/Mainstream Collaboration trainings. The training will begin in September and go through January, 2004. The dates of the training are September 25, October 23, December 16, and January 16. Please note that the last two dates have changed from when this training was originally announced in May, 2003. It is 4 sessions long and is designed for teams of ELL and mainstream teachers who are working collaboratively. Please see the attached flyer for more details. The deadline for registration is September 19, 2003. Please contact Heidi Bernal (heidi.bernal@spps.org or 651-767-8315) if you have any questions or if you cannot open or print the flyer.


Meeting for New L.A. teachers

This is a reminder that there is a meeting for new L.A. teachers on Mon. Sept. 15 from 4:00 to 6:00 at 360 Colborne, Room D. There will be stipend. I announced this at the opening week meeting but it was not on the list of meetings I gave you(in case you are looking!) as I had just got the room finalized.


I am also copying the revised memo of the schedule for the rest of the year, including the changes in the May meeting times, and clarifying which group visits which!

Proposed times for initial meeting, site visits and year end meeting


Initial meetings


1. Group 1

2. School pairs

1. a.Wellstone, b. Highwood Hills,

2 .a.Frost Lake, b. Mississippi


Mon. Oct. 13th. 4:00p.m.- 6:00p.m.

360 Colborne, Aud. A

Group 2

· School pairs

1. a.Hancock, b.Vento,

2. a.Homecroft, b.Linwood, c.Battle Creek


Wed. Oct. 22nd. 4:00p.m.-6:00p.m.

360 Colborne, Aud. A


Site Visits
Group 1a schools visit Group 1b schools

Group 2a schools visit Group 2b schools

1 day between Mon. Dec. 1st. and Fri. Dec. 12th.

NOT Mon. Dec. 1st. or Fri. Dec. 12th


Group 1b schools visit Group 1a schools

Group 2b schools visit Group 2a schools

1 day between Mon. Feb. 23rd and Fri. March 5th.

NOT Fri. Feb.27th.,Mon. March 1st.,Fri. March 5th.


Year end meetings

3. Group 1, Mon. May 10th. 8:30-3:30

360 Colborne, TBA

4. Group 2, Tue. May 11th. 8:30-3:30

360 Colborne, TBA


English PreLAS2000 Scores Due


English Pre-LAS scores are due by October 10.

Please send the scores on the Pre-LAS Data Score Sheets to Al Levin at the ELL Department via inter-district mail.


LAS training for 2003

There will be a LAS training on Thursday, September 11, 2003 from 4-6 pm in Room B, 360 Colborne St. All new LCD EAs, new LCD teachers and anyone that need a LAS refresher and have not been trained on LAS Test are expected to attend. Any questions please e-mail or direct your call to Maria Alicia Arabbo, maria.alicia.arabbo@spps.org (767-8388)

Report Cards/Checklists

Remember that we have removed the ELL Report Card from the list of forms that need to be completed. You should work with the mainstream teacher to complete the district's Summary Report. We would like you to do that collaboratively. HOWEVER. we recognize that not all teachers are collaboratively teaching in the same ways. Our preference is that you work together with the mainstream teacher to complete the report card. However, as an example, if you are planning cooperatively but are the sole reading teacher responsible for the student, feel free to complete a supplemental form for the Summary report as specialists do now. Have the mainstream teacher mark the Summary Report with something to the effect of "See Attached." In reality, this is the only way that we can really accommodate the different programs and structures that exist in the district.

We plan to work with the new Summary Report development this year that will have to be done to match the new state standards. Our hope is to get the Summary Report on-line (finally) and incorporate some of the functions that the former ELL report card allowed you to report on. We also would like to more tightly align this information with the new state ELL standards.

As for the Checklists,we are in the process of ripping that apart and replacing the current text with the text from the new state ELL standards. We should be ready to send it to the technology department soon so that it is on-line as soon as they can reformat it for us. Please be patient as they are very busy this year and we weren't able to provide them with copies of the standards earlier as we had planned. It should be ready soon.


Secondary Information

Got Books?


Do you have any of the following books sitting on a shelf gathering dust? The following books are needed ASAP for ELL classes. Please call or e-mail the teacher listed below to lend or give up books that you are not using. You may also submit requests for books that you need for your classes (contact your TOSA). Thank you!


The books that are needed include: Quantity requested Needed by School Phone Number


First Steps in Academic Writing 15 Claudia Reeve Arlington 293-6900

Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind 25 Claudia Reeve Arlington

Oxford Picture Dictionary 20 Mohamed Hadi Arlington

The Earth and Beyond - Steck-Vaughn 25 Allan Grady Arlington

Choice Readings 60 Scott Hall Johnson Sr. 293-8890

Passing the MN Basic Standards Test in Math 15 Scott Hall Johnson Sr.

Assessment Handbook for Highpoints Basics Books 01 Darlene Kunze Harding 793-4700

The Human Body - Steck-Vaughn 05 Darlene Kunze Harding

Maps, Globes and Graphs level D 09 Leona Haupt Battle Creek Middle 293-8960

Maps, Globes and Graphs level E 10 Leona Haupt Battle Creek Middle

World Geography and You Books 1 and 2 20 Jane Hall Humboldt Sr. 293-8600

Need Books?


The Johnson High ELL Department has a number of books that might be of use in your classroom. If you are interested, please contact Scott Hall at scott.hall@spps.org to make plans to pick up the books. The approximate titles and quantities available are:

Physical Science (for Inquiry Science classes) 30

Focus on Science, Books A, B, C, and D 25 of each

Earth Science- Oceans and Atoms 25

Chemistry Series with 3 sets (Atoms, Mixtures, and Reactions) 25 of each

Composition Practice 1 and 2 20 of each

Making Connections 60+

Labach 1, 2, 3, 4 25 of each

First Words 20

Starting to Read 20

Rainbow Readers 20 of each (Darlene Kunze at Harding also has extra copies of these if you need some)

My World (Readers) 20

There are also about 40 copies of Basic Reading Power available - Michael Bowlus has these, so contact him if you can use them.

LCD Reminder

Any new ELL students with an HLQ of 45 (Spanish) should be given the LAS Reading in Spanish by an LCD teacher or EA. They only need to be tested once, not every three years.

ELL Secondary Study Groups (formerly knownas Secondary Learning Circles)

The Learning Circles, now called ELL Secondary Study Groups, will begin on October 1, 2003. Anne has heard from 7 people who are interested. Please let Anne know if you're interested in taking part in the study groups this year by emailing her at anne.lowe@spps.org. Let her also know what your interest is for topics;, i.e. examining student work, reading a book, or reading articles. You will be paid the workshop attendance rate for 2 hours and you can use this as part of your PDP.

Would you be willing to host one or more of the ELL Secondary Study Groups at your school? We need hosts for the following days (all are Wednesdays from 3-5 pm):

-November 5th -December 3rd -March 3rd -April 7th -If you can host for any of these days please contact Anne Lowe today.

Need a copy of A Writer's Notebook:Unlocking the Writer Within You by Ralph Fletcher?

We still have some copies of A Writer's Notebook, so if you did not receive a copy of this book during Opening Week, or you are in a middle/junior high school and there is a teacher at your school on your "literacy team" that doesn't have one and would like a copy, please let Anne Lowe know and she will send you a copy.

Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A CommunityResponse Guide

We have some copies of this guide, put out by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The guide sets out 10 principles for fighting hate along with a collection of inspiring stories of people who acted to push hate out of their communities. The guide has practical advice, good examples and additional sources on ways to fight hate and promote tolerance in our schools and community. It also has great pictures you can cut out and put up in your classroom. Let Anne Lowe know if you want a copy (or more than one!).


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