ELL Opening Week 10-11

ELL Opening Weeek Meeting 10-11

Click on the links to download any of the materials from the ELL OPening Week Meeting 2010-2011.

PDF ELL Opening Week 10-11 Presentation Slides   --  This is the presentation during the ALL STAFF section of ELL Opening Week Meeting 10-11.
PDF ELL EA Workshop 10-11, September 1   --  This is the presentation from the EA Workshop during the ELL Opening Week 10-11.
PDF ELL Service Criteria Chart   --  This chart shows the criteria used for determining ELL Eligibility.
PDF ELL Exit Criteria   --  This chart shows the criteria used for determining ELL Exit.
PDF Sample of Home Language Questionnaire   --  Home Language Questionnaires should only be filled out during enrollment registration. Please contact the ELL Department if you have questions.
PDF Sample of ELL Service Notification Form   --  ELL Service Notification Forms will be printed by the ELL Department and sent to each school site for distribution to families.
PDF State and District Testing Chart   --  This testing chart shows the implications for ELL students and accommodations allowed.
PDF PreLAS Window 10-11   --  This shows the fall and spring testing windows for English and Spanish PreLAS.
PDF LCD Training Dates 10-11   --  All LCD Contact persons are required to attend one of the scheduled training sessions.
PDF EA Weekly Communications Tool   --  EAs will use this Weekly Communication tool to document their service to ELL students. Teachers are encouraged to communicate with EAs about service to ELL students.

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