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The Hmong: A Handbook for Teachers

This handbook is for school administrators, teachers, counselors, social workers, and paraprofessionals who work with Hmong immigrants and want to learn more about their culture. Is intended to serve as a cultural guide for educators who are keen on enriching and diversifying the social studies curriculum. Some of the topics covered in the book include: comparison of village, town and countryside, traditions and beliefs, family, food, songs, fables, folktales, and basic Hmong language.









Hmong Language Resources for Teachers and Students

Hmong Picture Dictionary

Each Picture Dictionary has approximately 800 words, including alphabets and numbers, common phrases, animals, cultural artifacts and more! The "Talking Dictionary CD" is a wonderful tool to help students learn Hmong and English. Students will be able to hear the English and Hmong spoken on a regular CD player, PC or Macintosh computer. (Please note that it is best to look at the picture dictionary while listening to the CD).









English-Hmong Dictionary

This dictionary has been in development since 1995. The print format and talking CD ROM version contain over 9,000 words and phrases. The dictionary includes: an English Hmong dictionary, English and Hmong sentence structure, special education dictionary, Hmong names, and Hmong English Dictionary. The CD ROM is available for PC compatible computers. You can hear and see the words spoken by native speakers. This is an excellent tool and resource for your library and classroom use. This is a must have for learning the Hmong or English language.








English-Hmong Educational Glossary

Each translated glossary contains both the common English educational terms and the suggested translation. These are Saint Paul Public Schools’ recommendations for standardized translated educational terms used in translations and interpretations. This Educational Glossary should be used as a guide for educators and school staff to help facilitate better communication between parents and school.









Hmong Learner Tools

Hmong Leveled Books Series 1 and 2

The Leveled Hmong Books Series 1 and  each have a hundred titles. These books are categorized into three tiers. The beginning tier (Txheej 1-4) is for the emergent readers, approximately PreK-1st grade. The intermediate tier (Txheej 5-6) is for the intermediate readers, approximately 2nd-4th grade.  Last, is the advanced tier (Txheej 7-10) is to target the fluent readers,
approximately (5th grade and beyond). Throughout Series 2, there are at least two to three books that are written in the Green Hmong dialect.

These books can be use for guided reading, independent reading or during skills block. For guided reading groups, you can use for up to six students which you can focus on reading strategies such as connection, prediction, visualization, inference and questioning. You can also check for comprehension and listen to students’ fluency. These books can be put in your classroom library so the students can use them as independent reading or check out to read at home. It is important for students to know their reading level so when they pick a book to read it won’t be too hard or too easy. These books can be used during skills block to help the students build vocabulary and language and literacy skills.






Hmong Decodable Books

There are 60 Decodable books based on the 60 consonants. Each book
focuses on a consonant. These books can be used in the skills block for
instruction or they can be put in your classroom library for the students to
read independently as they learn their alphabets through the school year.
You can also pick books according to the letters of the week to read out load
for the students.







Hmong Non-Fiction Animal Books

There are 20 Animal Nonfiction books, which you can use for Writer’s
Workshop or for information reading. These books can be targeted towards
the fluent readers which are at the advanced levels.

















Hmong Alphabet Posters

A series of 8 posters that cover vowels, consonants, and tone progression for Hmong Language learners.  Posters are 12x18 inches on heavy card stock  in full color.

Hmong Student Desk Strips and Flash Cards

Desk strips are another useful teaching tool to remind students of the sounds associated with the consonants and vowels.  Desk strips are offered at the beginning, intermediate, and full alphabet levels (as shown on left) and are 5 1/2"x17".   Sets of 82 full color cardstock flash cards are offered in three different sizes: 3 1/2"x5", 5"x7", and 8 1/2"x11".


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