Hmong Dual Language

Hmong Dual Language

A Hmong dual language program, believed to be the first of its kind in the nation is offered at Jackson Elementary and Phalen Lake Hmong Studies. The goal of the Hmong Dual Language Program is to foster the development of students who are bilingual and biliterate. Students in the Hmong Dual Language Program are expected to work towards the same grade level content standards as their grade level peers in the non-Hmong Dual Language classrooms.  Students are taught academic content in Hmong while also learning to read and write in English. Students in this program spend the majority of their school day reading, writing, and thinking in Hmong as their instruction involves learning through and using the Hmong language. The Hmong Dual Language Program strives for excellence in curriculum, instruction, and most of all, in student learning.   

The ELL Department's Role in the Hmong Dual Language Program:  

The Hmong Dual Language Program was established first at Jackson Elementary through the work of a team of dedicated staff members from the ELL Department and Jackson Elementary.  Over the years, the ELL Department has continued to support the program through materials development, curriculum development and alignment, professional development in research-based two-way immersion practices, and cultural resources.  Staff from the ELL Department work closely with the Hmong Dual Language teachers to ensure quality instruction and assessment are implemented.  Some of the materials that have been developed to support the Hmong Dual Language Program include:

  • Hmong Leveled Readers, Series 1:  This is a series of 100 titles written entirely in White Hmong with culturally relevant illustrations.  The books are aligned to a leveled reading system and correlated to grade level ranges.
  • Hmong Leveled Readers, Series 2:  This is a series of 100 titles written in White Hmong and Green Hmong.  The books are aligned to levels as in the Series 1 books.
  • Hmong Leveled Readers Benchmark Assessments:  This benchmark assessment is used to determine the instructional reading level of students for the Hmong Leveled Readers
  • Animal Nonfictions:  There are 20 nonfiction books on 20 different animals.  All nonfiction books consist of the nonfiction text characteristics.
  • Decodable Hmong Phonics Books:  The decodable phonics represented in these books represent the Hmong phonics system.  Each of the 60 books represents one phoneme of the Hmong language.
  • Hmong Alphabet Cards:  These cards come in 3 different sizes and can be used on the classroom walls, in phonics lessons, or as reinforcement of phonemic awareness.
  • Hmong Alphabet Posters:  The 8 posters categorize the Hmong alphabet/phonemes into categories by consonant and vowel clusters.
  • Hmong Desk Strips:  There are three levels of the desk strips including a basic alphabet to an intermediate alphabet list to an advance full desk strip containing all of the Hmong consonants and vowels.

More information including ordering information of these materials can be found on the SPPS ELL Products Page or at the SPPS on-line store under "Bilingual Products".


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