Indigenous and World Language

Mandarin Chinese

Benjamin E Mays

Courses Offered:  Mandarin grades K-5

Contact Information:  Wenrong Liu, 651-325-2400

 Central High School

Courses Offered:  Chinese II – IV

Contact Information:  Jen Syan Hwang, 651-632-6000

 Highland Park Middle School

Courses Offered:  Chinese I – II

Contact Information:  Deah Harambasic, 651-293-8950 ext. 170

 Highland Park Senior High School

Courses Offered:  The Chinese language and culture program offers a six-year sequence in modern Chinese.  Mandarin Chinese from Junior high school through senior high school.

Contact Information:  Shu-Whei Miao, 651-744-3834

 Washington Technology Secondary

Courses Offered:  Chinese I, a course on exploring Chinese daily life

Contact Information:  Josephine Auyeung, 651-744-143


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